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Alarme Siemens Sintony 410

Module pentru Cititoare de Proximitate Sintony 410

Model: SMG71 - Card reader E-Bus interface
module cititoare proximitate sintony SMG71

The SMG71 is used to connect Wiegand readers to the Sintony 410/420. It is possible to connect up to 2 card readers with Wiegand protocol to each module. Each module is equipped with 4 outputs and 2 inputs. Up to 32 SMG71 units can be connected to the Sitony 410/420. The SMG71 can work in permanent communication with the control unit or in stand alone mode depending on status or time. It is installed in the control panel housing, in the external power supply or in the universal housing unit SAH24.

Date tehnice

Number of card reader

Max. 2 per interface

Card readers protocols accepted

Wiegand and ABA Track 2


Via E-Bus

Current consumption: maximum

35 mA

Current consumption: minimum

11 mA

Operating temperature

-10 - +55 C


0.120 kg


NF & A2P 3 boucliers

Model: HFS-TKWA-AES/CDA - HF-reader with keypad for SMG71 anodised, silver
module cititoare proximitate sintony HFS-TKWA-AES/CDA

Date tehnice


anodised, silver

Dimensions (L x W x H)

160 x 50 x 25 mm

Housing material


Maximum distance

ca. 2 cm (reading distance)

Cable length

4 m

Operating temperature

-15 - +65 C

Sisteme de Alarma la Efractie

Sisteme Avertizare la Efractie

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Sisteme Supraveghere Video

Sisteme Supraveghere Video

Sisteme Supraveghere Video Profesionale pentru Companii si zone Rezidentiale bazate pe Tehnologie de ultima ora.

Sisteme Control Acces

Sisteme Control Acces si Pontaj

Accesul Controlat asigura Restrictionarea unor Utilizatori in anumite Zone in functie de nivelul de Securitate stabilit.


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