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Terminal Operare Siemens Sipass Entro

Model: IP811-Cotag - InfoPoint featuring Cotag reading technology (Siemens branded)
terminal operare siemens sipass entro

Data sheet
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• InfoPoint is used as a reservation terminal for SiPass Entro and has an integrated function to send and receive information from/to the segment controller (acting as a web server). The InfoPoint uses TCP/IP and works similarly to a web browser in a PC. The terminal includes a color screen and keys for navigating. InfoPoint also has a Cotag proximity reader to identify the person who wants to use the unit.

Date Tehnice

Operating voltage: 12-24VDC� 12-20VAC. Absolute maximum rating: 10-28VDC / 12-20 VAC

Current consumption: 540mA @12VDC, 250mA@24VDC

Operating temperature: +5 to +40 °C

Environment: Indoor use only

Housing: Robust stainless steel housing and a strong polycarbonate film is covering the TFT-screen

Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 190 x 58 mm

Interface: Standard TCP/IP LAN connection� 10BaseT connector. Type RJ45

Display: Colour TFT screen with the resolution 400 x 240 and 256 colours.

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