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Entro SW SEU

Software Siemens Sipass Entro

Model: Entro SW SEUL - Additional license for SiPass Entro software - Standard edition
software siemens sipass entro

Data sheet
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• An additional license is required for every additional system administrator. Order this product when you require an additional license for the Standard edition of the SiPass Entro software.

• The SiPass Entro software is Windows-based and very easy to use. It can communicate with system hardware via direct connection (COM), local and global networks (LAN/WAN), TCP/IP or modem. The software supports various operating authorizations - for example� reception personnel may be authorized only to handle card activation while administrators are authorized to implement basic modifications of the system.

• The software provides sophisticated event control and search functions with graphical icons for door monitoring in addition to common tasks like card administration. It also includes alarm bypass control with alarm status feedback (ASF), anti-passback� roll-call, interlock function, elevator control, photo ID, and many other useful features.

• The template design tool in the SiPass Entro software makes it possible to design personalized ID cards and print them using standard Windows printer drivers.

• It is also very easy to define alarm zones using the SiPass Entro software. At each reader or door assigned to an alarm zone, the alarm can be activated or deactivated. SiPass Entro's Alarm Status Feedback (ASF) function can indicate the status (armed/disarmed) of the zone at any reader in the zone (via the red reader LED). In applications that include SISTORE DVRs, the SiPass Entro software fully integrates the DVRs into the access control system, which makes event-triggered recording very easy.

• An integrated Web-based reservation function is also included in the software. It is ideal for managing access to conference rooms, sport facilities, clubs, and so on. Reservation can be done via the Internet or via an InfoPoint reservation terminal. The software also includes an open TCP/IP interface (BAPSI) to third-party applications.

• In cases where wireless components (i.e. RF30-EM and RF9) are used in a SiPass Entro system, the SiPass Entro software handles those components in a similar way as it handles wired ones.

Date Tehnice

System requirements: Processor 1 GHz 512 Mb RAM CD-ROM drive VGA colour monitor 1024 x 768 Local Area Network connection (or serial port for connection of segment controller/modem) Windows 7� Vista� XP SP2� 2000 SP4 or Microsoft Terminal Server 2008/2003 functionalit

Basic network requirements: Twisted-pair Ethernet 10/100 Mbit Static or dynamic (DHCP) IP-address for SR35i

Requirements for modem: 9600 baud on DTE, Autoanswer disabled� Ignore DTR� Local echo disabled

Recommendation for modem: Watchdog should be included. Will reset the modem if� for example� communication stops

Language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedis

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