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Sisteme Alarma Supraveghere Video Control Acces


Software Siemens Sipass Integrated

Model: ASL5000-OC - Upgrade license - SiPass integrated Optima to SiPass integrated Corporate

• This license allows the upgrade from SiPass integrated Facility edition to SiPass integrated Corporate edition.

• To order the ASL5000-OC or any of the SiPass integrated core software� you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.

• The SiPass integrated software is the heart of any SiPass integrated system. The total number of controllers that can be connected is virtually unlimited. The Windows-certified software has a powerful client/server architecture, and it is easy to install and administer via its graphical user interface.

• Features such as advanced audit-trail logging, advanced alarm management, anti-passback functionality (including global and workgroup anti-passback), door interlocking, escort control mode, video surveillance and DVR interfaces D as well as Siemens' exclusive custom Wiegand functionality and advanced device firmware download D are all standard in SiPass integrated. A wide variety of other advanced features are also available as add-on options. SiPass integrated also offers the possibility to set up customized interfaces to other applications in order to ensure smooth communication at all times. The software also supports CITRIX and Windows Terminal Services for remote operation, where required.

• Standard features of SiPass integrated:
- Time scheduling
- Dynamic graphical status screen
- Instructional alarm response windows
- Full system archiving and restoration
- Advanced reporting tool
- Comprehensive audit-trail logging
- Advanced alarm management
- Anti-passback and roll call
- Workgroup anti-passback
- Partitioning of operator privileges
- Escort control
- Door interlocking
- Real-time event and message logging
- Logon using full password encryption or automatic authentication windows
- Automatic and event-triggered reporting
- Three wrong PIN modes
- Manual system override
- Advanced device firmware download
- Custom Wiegand
- Interoperability with SIMATRIX video surveillance
- Interoperability with SISTORE DVRs
- Interoperability with Sintony and SPC intrusion detection systems
- Support for Siemens RS485 and Clock&Data readers (CerPass protocol)
- Support for most popular reader technologies
- Networking options for global reach
- Upgrade paths for investment protection
- 21CFR Part 11 compliance

• Note: The ASL5000 is a software license only. The SiPass integrated software DVD needs to be ordered separately - see ASB5000-xx.

Sisteme de Alarma la Efractie

Sisteme Avertizare la Efractie

Sisteme Avertizare la Efractie Complete si Eficiente pentru orice fel de nevoie de Securitate a Casei sau Afacerii Dvs.

Sisteme Supraveghere Video

Sisteme Supraveghere Video

Sisteme Supraveghere Video Profesionale pentru Companii si zone Rezidentiale bazate pe Tehnologie de ultima ora.

Sisteme Control Acces

Sisteme Control Acces si Pontaj

Accesul Controlat asigura Restrictionarea unor Utilizatori in anumite Zone in functie de nivelul de Securitate stabilit.


sisteme de alarmare si stingere incendii

Sisteme de Alarmare si Stingere Incendii

Sisteme de Alarmare si Stingere Incendiu ofera Posibilitatea de Identificare a Zonei cu probleme inainte de Incendiu.